Al Andalus Institute

Al-Andalus is a great platform for all those who aspire to learn exciting things in life. Al Andalus is a power house which has a lot to offer to all the creative minds out there. It caters to the needs of the two ever-growing sectors in Pakistan, the corporate and the academic sectors.


Al-Andalus Institute of Languages is a cultural house that caters to all aspects of life related to the language of the student’s choice, that is business, education, culture, etc.

This institute has its location set in the city of Lahore, Pakistan. That way it provides the in depth services to Pakistani companies who are interested in doing business with other countries.

In short, Al-Andalus is a cultural, language and business hub in Lahore. Our native proficiency, devoted instructors will ensure that students REACH FLUENCY AND COMPLETE LANGUAGE ACQUISITION.

We will provide the best methodology and atmosphere to learn the language of your choice as we help you reach and exceed your learning goals and expectations in and outside the classroom.